This site is to promote Dandie Dinmont Terriers and The Haining Selkirk.

That’s the summer holidays almost over are you thinking about next year ones yet? Why not come along and join us for next years Dandie Derby and celebration of James Davidson. Next year event will be a 3 day extravaganzas of Dandie fun and new venues 6th to 8th of June.

If you are staying for a little bit longer why not take in Selkirk Common riding. The common riding dates back 400 years and is a must see spectacle.
For people who are coming for 2 weeks why not take in Border Union and Caledonian dog show 20 th and 21st of June at Kelso.

We have also made the local press and a 2 page special in the Southern Reporter, please see links for more information. We also made Radio Scotland news on Monday night.
Hope you enjoy the video of our walk around Abbotsford estate

Dandie Derby 2017


2017 we had over 118 dogs that entered this years, DandieDinmont Dandie.

There was also the small matter of the unveiling of Old Ginger and the 3

day Dandie Festival.


Hi if you have any question on Dandies, walks or Dandie Derby, please you contact form below