That’s the summer holidays  over are you thinking about next year ones yet? Why not come along and join us for next years Dandie Derby and celebration of James Davidson or Mr Dandie Dinmont, next year is the 200 annversary of his death . We are also doing  history tour of other famous breeders in Scottish Borders.

Next year event will be a 3 day extravaganzas of Dandie fun and new venues 6th to 8th of June. See below for more detail

Make it part of your summer  holiday…combine Selkirk Common Riding,  Border Union Dog show (Kelso)  or Caledonia Dandie Dinmont Terrier  show the Judge is Frank Kane,  The Scottish Borders have so much to offer.

5th June

Meeting  on Friday for a short walk and introductions at Philipshaugh and at night time some Gin Tasting , location to be confirmed.

6th June

 Dandie Derby at The Haining, Dandie Rally followed by an evening meal. Places for the meal are limited, at The Haining, so you will need to book early.

7th June I

We are meeting at Oxnam, the resting place of James Davidson or Mr Dandie Dinmont who died 200 years ago .Celebrate his life at this iconic location.

Later locate to the beautiful market town of Kelso, has lots of unique shops and has a very close relationship with Sir Walter Scott.

 Sir Walter Scott spent most of his childhood in Kelso and met his business partner James Ballantyne here.

In the  afternoon we are having Lunch/coffee at Ednam House Hotel. We are very lucky to have Dr Vivian Dunstain who has a Phd in Scottish history and is a descendant of Francis Somner, who was  a Dandie breeder, she will give a talk on his life and their  family tree. 

Everyone has seen the painting Callum by John Emms. However John Emms also painted other Dandies. A lot of his models were Archie Steel dogs.

 A guided walk of Kelso, we will show you where Sir Walter Scott, Francis Somner and Archie Steel lived and worked. This will be finished off by visting Rutherfords Micro pub which has a unique Dandie Dinmont connection.

The timing of next year Dandie Derby is perfect, if you like Dandies and Scottish Culture, when our event ends Selkirk Common riding starts. This is a spectacular event unique to the Scottish Borders not be missed. Selkirk Common riding dates back 400 years. Extract below is from https://returntotheridings.co.uk/selkirk-common-riding/

“In 1513, 80 men from Selkirk followed James IV into battle at Flodden. Only one, Fletcher, survived to return, weary and wounded but bearing a captured English flag which he raised aloft and then cast to the ground. The Flodden legend came to be associated with the Common Riding, with the Royal Standard Bearer as the central figure and the casting of the colours of the main ceremony. The town rises early to follow the band and witness the bussing of the Burgh Flag. The Riding of the Marches lasts about 4½ hours and the riders return to the Market Place for the solemn casting of the colours where various trades and corporations are represented. Celebrations continue onto the next day with horse racing, and professional games.”

The cast of the colours is a spectacle experience and should not be missed.

If you can stay up a bit longer, the following week is Caledonian Dandie Dinmont Terrier Club show and Border Union dog show in Kelso. Caledonian Dandie Dinmont Club are hoping for a bumper enter as the International renowned Frank Kane will be the judge at the show.

These  2 weeks will be special for all Dandie lovers. For more information at www.dandiederby.com

As usual we will have the ever popular local craft stalls including Scotch Tweed and lots lots more. Back by popular will be Archie and his “Steam Train”

If you have any queries please get in contact at dandiederby@hotmail.com

Dandie Derby 2017


2017 we had over 118 dogs that entered this years, DandieDinmont Dandie.

There was also the small matter of the unveiling of Old Ginger and the 3

day Dandie Festival.


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