200th Anniversary of James Davidson death June 2020

2020 is a special year for all Dandie Dinmont enthusiasts. James Davidson or as Sir Walter Scott christened him Mr Dandie Dinmont was born 1764 and died in 1820. We are going to celebrate his life on Sunday 7th of June at Oxnam Kirk in the Scottish Borders where he is buried.

Below is an extract from Wikipedia.

” The breed remained relatively unknown outside of the Borders until 1815 when Sir Walter Scott‘s novel Guy Mannering was published. Scott had spent time in the area whilst the Sheriff of Selkirkshire and had learned of the prowess of these types of specialist terriers for working both fox and otter. When he wrote Guy Mannering, he included a character by the name of Dandie Dinmont who owned a number of terriers named Pepper and Mustard after the colours of their coats. The Dinmont character was partly based on the real life farmer and terrier owner, James Davidson,[7] who too used the generic terms of Pepper and Mustard for his dogs depending on their coats.[8] Davidson’s dogs came from a variety of sources including the dogs of the Allan, Anderson and Faas families.[9][10] Davidson documented his breeding, and he has been accepted as the originator of the modern breed.[11]” quote from Wikipedia..


We are lucky to have this documentation as in the late 1700s and early 1800s there where hardly any written records, this has been verified by John Henry Walsh in the book “The dog, in health and disease, published by Stonehenge

We have almost finished our plans and below are some places we have visited and some we may in 2020.