Dandie Derby 3rd June 2018

3rd June will be at the beautiful twin villages of Yetholm and Kirk Yetholm.

Meet at 1300 hours The Plough Town Yetholm for Lunch or drinks.

Matt Settle will give a talk on Jamie Allan and play some of his rare tunes on the Border Pipes.

A walk to Kirk Yetholm and a talk from Graeme from Yetholm History society about .

Town Yelholm was home to the Gypsy Muggers which included the Allan’s Amstrong’s, Faa’s and Young’s. Who were also  the main Dandie Breeders in the 18th Century. Jean Gordon who Meg Merrilees from Guy Manering is based on also lived here.


After the weekend festivities, why not come along for our Gin tasting. The subject of this Gin tasting is “A History of Scottish Gin”. There will be a selection of 5 small batch botanical Scottish gins plus nibbles all for £16.00.
There are only a few places left and this experience is not to be missed.








See link for more information https://www.undiscoveredscotland.co.uk/yetholm/yetholm/index.html



Article from the Northern echoJamie Allan, a celebrated musician and friend of the aristocracy, but also thief, bigamist, and deserter, who died in a Durham prison cell awaiting deportation

There was a time some 200 years ago when a particular Northern musician was as famous throughout Britain as Robin Hood is today. His name was Jamie Allan, sometimes known as James, Jemmy and Jimmy, a celebrated Northumbrian piper and sometime villain, born in about 1734 at Swindon near Rothbury, in Northumberland.“`




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