Dandie Danders and walks

Why not come and join us in our walks.? They are all over United Kingdom and elsewhere.
The walks vary from a stroll around town to a 8 mile hike. These walks take place all over the United Kingdom enjoying our glorious landscape.
All well behaved dogs are welcome and you do not need a dog to join us.  Why not come and meet some Dandie Dinmont Terriers and speak to their owners and breeders.

Our next walk is in Edinburgh on Sunday 7th of October Scott’s Monument, Princess Street Gardens at 1145 hours, more information to follow.

We are having a dog party at Brewdog of course at 1330 hours all welcome.





If you are planning a walk tell us and we will put it up on the website.
Some of the walks may have a Dandie Dinmont theme.



20th of May Sandsend to Whitby walk. The weather was fab we meet up with 15 Dandie Dinmont terriers and their owners for a lovely walk to Whitby.

Whitby is very dog friendly lots of good Restaurants, Cafes, Pubs and shops let dogs in.

We all enjoyed our bi annual walk, it was a great success.