Dandie Danders and walks

We have two walks arranged, one will be in Rothbury on 11th of August at Simonside at 1100 hours and the other walk will be in Edinburgh on 29th of September meeting at 1200 hours.

We are meeting at Simonside Forestry car part post code NE65 7NW . This walk will last about 2 hours an is classified as a gentle walk, after the walk we are going to Simonside Country fair, sorry there webpage is broken 🙁

Why not come and join us in our walks.? They are all over United Kingdom and elsewhere.
The walks vary from a donder around town to a 8 mile hike. These walks take place all over the United Kingdom enjoying our glorious landscape.
All well behaved dogs are welcome and you do not need a dog to join us.  Why not come and meet some Dandie Dinmont Terriers and speak to their owners

If you are planning a walk tell us and we will put it up on the website.
Some of the walks may have a Dandie Dinmont theme.