We are delighted to announce that as part of the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of Sir Walter Scott’s birth, we have been invited to host the 2021 Dandie Derby at Abbotsford, home of Sir Walter Scott.

After careful consideration, and after consulting with The Haining, we have decided to accept this exciting invitation. We are currently working on the details with the Scott 250 Partnership, but wanted to let you know of our plans as soon as possible.

The Dandie Derby 2021 will be a 3 day event.

FRIDAY 4th JUNE 2021

We plan to meet at The Haining in the afternoon to have a walk around the The Haining Loch and to say hello to Old Ginger and to have a party for him as he was born in 1842, (179 year ago) Please remember to bring your picnic and “Party clothes”.  


We will meet at Abbotsford House around midday. We will have a gentle walk around the estate’s woodlands and the banks of the Tweed. There will be a rally competition, we will have our craft stalls and we will hold the Derby in its usual laid back and fun format. There will be the opportunity to enjoy a special Dandie Dinmont menu at Ochiltree’s Cafe, or you may choose to bring your own picnic to enjoy in the picnic area.

Apart from any possible ongoing exhibitions, Abbotsford will not be hosting any other events that day. The house and grounds will be open to the public as usual. We are in discussions to offer free or discounted entry to the grounds for dandie owners on the 5th June.

As you will appreciate, we do not know if any social distancing measures will still be in force in June 2021, but Abbotsford will respond accordingly and manage the space appropriately if this is the case. Because of furloughing and the workload involved in the closure during the 2020 Spring/Summer season, we hope you will understand that Abbotsford and ourselves have been unable as yet to nail down all the details for the 2021 Derby. Rest assured though, we are working our way through them.

In the evening we hope to host our usual (optional) meal in the marquee at The Haining.

SUNDAY 6th JUNE 2021

We are meeting at Oxnam, the resting place of James Davidson or Mr Dandie Dinmont who died 200 years ago plus 1 . Celebrate his life at this iconic location.

Later locate to the beautiful market town of Kelso, has lots of unique shops and has a very close relationship with Sir Walter Scott.

 Sir Walter Scott spent most of his childhood in Kelso and met his business partner James Ballantyne here.

In the  afternoon we are having Lunch/coffee at Ednam House Hotel. We are very lucky to have Dr Vivian Dunstain who has a Phd in Scottish history and is a descendant of Francis Somner, who was  a Dandie breeder, she will give a talk on his life and their  family tree. 

Everyone has seen the painting Callum by John Emms. However John Emms also painted other Dandies. A lot of his models were Archie Steel dogs.

 A guided walk of Kelso, we will show you where Sir Walter Scott, Francis Somner and Archie Steel lived and worked. This will be finished off by visting Rutherfords Micro pub which has a unique Dandie Dinmont connection.

If you have any queries please get in contact at

We would like to re-iterate that this is strictly a one off change of venue and we will be returning to The Haining the following year. We thank The Haining for their understanding. The following year the Dandie Derby will be held on Saturday 4th of June and which is Old Gingers his 180th Birthday.