Rescue Dandie Puppies from a Belgium Pet Shop

Two weeks ago Dandie Dinmont puppies were rescued from a Pet shop in Belgium. When they left the shop they all had health issues and required urgent medical attention. The shop in Belgium dramatically increased the price of the puppies and we now need more money, sorry. Can you please give to this worthy cause even if its just a few Pounds, Euro’s or Dollars.

Can you please see message below from Karen Atkinson and please please write to them

Update on Puppies, as you may have gathered they have all been rescued however the pet shop increased the price of the puppies we now require extra funds. Can you please give even if its a few pounds

Let’s get this cruel dog and cat supermarket on our doorstep (selling hundreds of animals in inhumane conditions) inspected, and hopefully shut down. Sorry this is a long post but please read on…This week, thanks to a crowd funding effort, a litter of 4 dandie dinmont puppies was rescued from a dog and cat shop in Belgium. They had been dumped there by an agent via an unscrupulous breeder from the Czech Republic. As soon as the shop realised there was interest in these puppies they put the prices up. The dandie puppies did not know how to walk properly, they were skin on bone, suffering from malnutrition, with kennel cough and their paws were stained with their own urine. One of the puppies has had to be kept at a vet’s hospital on an antibiotic drip. They had been left in the display container at the dog shop for 3 weeks.This is not a traditional, friendly pet shop. It is a dog and cat supermarket where animals are on display like any old commodity. Shops such as this encourage the proliferation of puppy mills. Such places are illegal in the UK yet this place operates legally in Belgium by using legal loopholes. The shop has no interest in vetting buyers and will sell to anyone, which in turn encourages the activities of puppy millers.This dog and cat supermarket has at least 50 breeds of dog for sale and lots of kittens too. Young animals are left in display containers under artificial light, although the containers are cleaned (but that didn’t stop the dandie puppies having stained paws) the animals receive no individual attention, stimulation, toys or socialisation once they are dumped in there. They get no exercise, hence that is why when people visit all they see is listless animals with sad, dead eyes.On sale in the shop this week along with cats were Yorkshire Terriers, Huskies, Beagles, Bassett Hounds, Bernese Mountain Dogs, Bichons, Akitas, American Cockers, Australian Shepherds, Dogues de Bordeaux, Pembroke Corgis… the list goes on. They also had 19 labradors, 13 Jack Russells and 12 dachshunds…. and the rest.PLEASE take the time to write a letter to Animal Welfare Brussels asking that this shop be inspected immediately and ask for it to be closed. Action will only be taken if they are deluged by thousands of letters. The Belgian people and authorities need to have this cruel practice brought to their attention. Hopefully a campaign can be started by the good people in Belgium to get this place shut down.Please mention the name of the shop so they know who to investigate but please DO NOT CONTACT THE SHOP, as this will make them put the prices up. They will also try to cover up the way the operate if they realise people are on to them.If you are in the EU, please also write to your MEP demanding action to close down this cat and dog shop.It is a big ask, but if you do one thing this weekend, PLEASE HELP BY SENDING A LETTER TO ANIMAL WELFARE BRUSSELS. Also point out that due to animal welfare and cruelty concerns these kind of shops are outlawed and illegal in the UK, it is time they acknowledged the indecency of such businesses in their own country in 2019. They need to start action/instigate legislation to close down this shop in Belgium.Please mention this shop but do not contact it:Dog, Cat & Co
Brusselsesteenweg, 538
1731 ZELLIK Belgium
Departement Dierenwelzijn
Thurn & Taxis-site Havenlaan
86C / 3000
1000 BrusselBelgiumThank you and please share to any friends and relevant dog and cat pages that can spread the word. “

We also still need funds to pay for vet bills, please donate