Dandie Derby 3rd and 4th of June 2023

News update

Friday 2nd June

For those who are coming up on Friday 2nd of June. We are meeting up for a short walk around Melrose via the River Tweed at 1600 hrs at Melrose Rugby Club (TD6 9SA).

There is free parking at St Dunstan Park Car park (TD6 9LF) The COOP car park is next door however you must be a customer and maximum stay is 45 mins. Abby Car park (TD6 9LG) you must pay to use. Parking at Melrose is always difficult and if you find a place consider yourself lucky.

After the walk we will go for a coffee, possible Burt’s all depends on numbers as the bar in Burt’s is not big.

For those who have not been Melrose is lovely and well worth a visit and has lots of independent shops.

Saturday 3rd of June

1130 hrs Dog Rally

1145 hrs Lunch boxes available

1230 hrs lunch

1300 to 1345 hrs walk and photo shoot next to house

1400 Dandie Derby starts

ewter Mill open (Hope they will race)

Selkirk Distillers Novice (Not sure what they will do)

Waters Butchers Veteran (Over 7)

Scotch Tweed Puppy (up to 12 months old).

You need to registry with us if you wish to enter your Dandie, as you can see.






1600 hrs close.

Sunday 4th of June

We are pleased to announce that Lady Grossart will be unveiling the Lectern Board. Below is itinerary of the day.

Dandie Dinmont Sausage eating comp or who has the greediest Dandie. Sausages supplied by https://www.facebook.com/watersthebutchers

1300 hrs to 1415 Lunch at Border Hotel.

1415 to 1440 Talk by Graham Watson on Gypsy life in the late 1700’s early 1800’s.

1440 to 1450 Sausage eating competition.

1450 hrs to 1520 Abridged Dandie Derby.

1520 to 1545 hrs Matt Seattle and Piper Allan.

1545 Unveiling by Lady Grossart.

Our crowd funder is now live

Dear Dandie Dinmont enthusiasts,

A group of dedicated Dandie Dinmont enthusiasts has been working for several years now to establish a Dandie Dinmont Terrier Heritage Trail throughout the Border Lands of Scotland and England – the home of the Dandie. The trail will take visitors on a “journey” through the Borders to the places where the Dandie came from and explain the important historic connections of the breed to such places as Kirk Yetholm, Rothbury, Oxnam Kirk, Abbotsford, The Haining and Bowhill, to name but a few.

With your support, we plan to create a series of beautifully crafted Lectern Boards that will tell the story of the Dandie. Each Board will be site specific and will cover the history, character, and temperament of the Dandie and acknowledge the early contribution of “Piper” Willie Allan as well as the traveller and gypsy folk of the 17th and 18th centuries.

We will explain the contribution of the Border farmers, such as James Davidson, along with the other early breeders in developing the Dandie we all know and love today. The important contributions of Sir Walter Scott, the Duke of Buccleuch, and Queen Victoria will be also be covered and finally how the Dandie is connected to the towns and great houses of the Borders, such as The Haining, BowHill and Abbotsford.

We already have planning permission for the first board at Kirk Yetholm, the home of the “Gypsy Kings”, which we plan to unveil in June, with others to follow as soon as funds allow. As well as the Lectern Boards there will be a QR code linked to a website, to guide visitors around the Borders, along with a printed Tourist Leaflet of the Trail for distribution to Tourist Information Centres, hotels and guest houses etc.

As you may know, the Dandie Dinmont is a rare breed, on average less than hundred puppies born each year in UK. While they are beloved by their owners and admirers, many people have never had the chance to see one in person. That’s why we believe it’s important to create a resource that can help people connect with these dogs, no matter where they live.

Our goal is to raise £1,400 in the next 60 days to cover the cost of materials and production for the lectern board plus planning fees. With your support, we can create a unique and valuable resource that will help to promote and create interest in this amazing breed for generations to come.

We are grateful for any support you can offer, whether it’s a donation or simply sharing my campaign with your network. Together, we can celebrate the Dandie Dinmont and ensure that this special breed continues to thrive.

Thank you for your support and for your love of Dandie Dinmonts.


Mike Rasmussen

Ann Deegan

Kenny Allan

Fundraiser by Kenny Allan : Dandie Dinmont Terrier Hertiage Trail (gofundme.com)

Why not come along and join us, on the 3rd June we are at Abbotsford and the 4th at Kirk Yetholm.

At night we are having a meal at Selkirk Rugby Club 1830 for a 1900 hrs start The meals must be pre ordered and paid for before the event.

At Abbotsford the day starts of at 1100 hours with the dog rally and Dandie Derby at 1400 hrs.

On the 4th of June we are at the beautiful village of Kirk Yetholm. Where we will have the Dandie Dinmont Sausage world Championship. Matt Seattle will tell us about the infamous Jamie Allan or Pipe Allan and his Dad Wull, who were the first named Dandie Dinmont breeders. They lived in the 1700’s to 1800’s at Kirk Yetholm. Matt will also play some of their tunes.

We are having lunch at the Border Hotel this also must be pre booked and paid for.

Below is the menu.


Cullen skink with a crusty roll & butter £7.00

Haggis bon bons, on a swede puree with oatcakes £8.00

Mozzarella bites with BBQ sauce and salad £7.00


Traditional Sunday roast £18

Scampi and chips with peas and salad £15

Curry of the day with rice, poppadom and naan £14

Macaroni cheese served with salad and garlic bread (vegetarian option) £12


Triple chocolate brownie with ice-cream £8

Sticky toffee Pudding with ice cream £8

Trio of ice-cream (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate) £6

We have more events for the 4th however they will be announced closer to the time.